Erection Fitness Review: Is This The Best Erection Fitness Program?

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2019)

Erection fitness is a program that covers all areas of natural penis enhancement. It comes with VigRX Oil & VigRX Plus pills as bonuses and at a great price. Erection fitness program includes selected exercises for the overall fitness & enlargement of the penis.

erection fitness review

What will you except from the Erection Fitness Program?

  • A daily exercise chart is provided for the full 120 days.
  • All penis exercise videos are available in members area of Erection Fitness Program which will provide you with a hands-on training.
  • The program will teach you on Physiologic Indicators. So that you can measure your improvement and stay motivated to continue on the program.
  • Through the program, you also learn to control ejaculation. You can control the erection up to 25-30 minutes using this program.
  • Normally will gain 1.5 to 2 inches easily if you will follow the program thoroughly. The result will vary from person to person. Some members also report more than the normal result after following this program successfully.

How Erection fitness works

The Erection Fitness Program works in four stages: stage 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The first phase begins with the “beginners’ boot camp” and involves ten exercises that are well explained and complemented by video demonstrations. The activities are meant to motivate you to go ahead with the program.

The second stage involves high-intensity workouts that focus on helping you to gain length. The exercises in this juncture push you past the threshold to gain the right muscles.

Stage three concentrates on the thickness of your erection and the uses here aid in increasing the blood supply to the penis thus progressively increasing the penis size.

The final stage is the most important, and it helps you to keep the gains and make them permanent. This stage teaches you how to wean off the exercises and supplement them during treatment to retain the size of the penis and be healthy.

How the Erection Fitness Program exercises work?

The Erection fitness program targets the key areas of your penis such as Bulbo Cavernous (BC) and Ischio Cavernous (IC). These two areas are the ones that makeup sheets of muscle that wraps around the shaft of the penis to create rigidity and thickness.

This means that by correctly working out the IC and BC you will most definitely increase the length and girth of your penis.

The exercises also target Corpora cavernosa which is a sponge-like tissue. When you exercise, the Corpora Cavernosa fills with blood and over time it gets stretched and strengthened which in return allows more blood flow. When you use the tissue for a long time, it increases in size which aids in increasing the length and girth of the penis.

Erection fitness Bonuses

In addition to the program, you also get to have great bonuses such as a one month supply of VigRx Plus which is a top rated penis enlargement supplement.

Erection Fitness Program

You also get to have VigRx Oil which is a lubricant that aids in soothing irritation in the penis region. The oil also helps in intensifying peak moments during sex and makes each sexual moment more pleasurable than the last.


Erection fitness program is ideal for anyone who wants to increase the size of the penis the natural way. For ideal results, you should be ready to stick to the plan. The good side is that the program is well laid-out; therefore, you will find it easy to follow.