Erectile Dysfunction Pills

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2019)

Researchers have concluded that about men aging from 40 to 70 have erectile dysfunctions to some extent but only 1 in 10 can be reported with a complete inability to get erections. Taking an erectile dysfunction drug produces an erection as much as to get you started with the intercourse in almost 70% of the healthy men. However, the first thing that your doctor will do is to ensure that you get the right kind of erectile dysfunction pills according to the cause and severity of your erectile problem. Your doctor can explain and make you understand the benefits and risk of each treatment and will also consider your needs and preferences.

One can find various men’s erectile dysfunction pills but not all work the same way, the purpose, however, is the same.  There are subtle differences in the way they work, in their effectiveness and the how quickly they begin to work.

How well do the Erectile Dysfunction Pills Work?

The question arises, do these pills really work? Researchers have said that these pills work for about 70% of the men and produce sufficient erection for intercourse but the results may vary from one man to another. A man that is suffering from any cardiovascular disease, diabetes or someone who has his nerves or arteries damaged by any surgery may not respond well to these pills.

How quickly do Men’s Erectile Dysfunction Pills Work?

The next question that arises is that when will these pills show their effect? The timing of the reaction of the pill may vary from 15 to 60 minutes. No pill will work if you take them after a meal because it blocks their absorption.

How long do they Last?

Once they start working you may wonder how long will the pills show their work? The erectile dysfunction pills break down at different rates in the body. The time duration of their longevity ranges from four hours to an entire day. Each dose of the pill should be sufficient enough to provide a full cycle of intercourse and complete its actual purpose, from erection to climax.

Side Effects

All medicines come up with some side effects, be it major or minor and so does the men’s Erectile Dysfunction Pills. The most to least common side effects that you may face are an upset stomach, headache, nasal congestion, flushing, vision problems, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, rash, and dizziness.


Do not use erectile dysfunction pills if you are consuming nitrates for chest pains or other situations that may make these medications unsafe and harmful for you. Before you take such men’s erectile dysfunction pills tell your doctor;

  • If you have any allergies to any medications including other erectile dysfunction pills.
  • About any non-prescribed or prescribed medicines that you are taking currently including dietary or herbal supplements.
  • If you are scheduled for any type of surgery, be it dental too.
  • If you take any medicines for controlling your blood pressures, these erectile dysfunction pills may lower your blood pressure if taken together.