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Extenze Review: Does It Work?

If the world is perfect, all couples will surely have a rewarding and fulfilling sex life and male enhancement products would never exist at all. Unfortunately, the world is imperfect and there are lots of factors that can affect the ability of a man to perform well in bed, with the effects of less than ideal health practices and aging being the most common culprits.  Good thing there are now many products in the market which promise to help men regarding their sexual vitality and enhance their performance. One of these products is none other than Extenze. But, what does Extenze do? What are the Extenze ingredients? Are there are Extenze side effects? Now is the time to know the answer to these questions.

Extenze Basics

Extenze is a form of herbal-based supplement available as a pill. While these pills have not been around for as long as the rest of more familiar male enhancement supplements out there, the product has already managed to attract widespread attention, thanks to its notably consistent results. Also, Extenze has the benefit of being available with no need for prescription, making it a more convenient option compared to other products.

Extenze Ingredients

Extenze owes its remarkable efficiency to its natural ingredients that don’t produce any side effects. You can get amazing results when you use it more often. Even if the results may not appear right away, you will still experience satisfying and amazing results in the end.

Its efficiency primarily depends on the ingredients used in the product. The natural Extenze ingredients you can find in these pills include Astragalus, Folate or folic acid, Muira Puama, Pregnanolone (3ß-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one), piper longum seed, black pepper seed, yohimbe, ginger root, Cnidium monnier seed, Terrestris Tribulus, L-Arginine, Ginseng-Eleuthero, Horny goat weed leaf, velvet deer antler, zinc, boron, stinging nettle root, pumpkin seed and damiana leaf.

What Does Extenze Do?

Extenze works through increasing the amount of blood flowing into the penis, which then increases the firmness and size of the erection. Aside from that, Extenze greatly increases the length of time that you can maintain an erection. This leads to longer lasting erections and better performance. A lot of users also reported deeper and more pleasurable orgasms, which means that Extenze can enhance the overall sexual experience.

Extenze Side Effects

Thanks to the natural Extenze ingredients, there are no Extenze side effects that have been noted and associated with this particular product. This is a big plus since other products are associated with many adverse side effects that don’t make them recommended for users.

Extenze: An Essential Partner for a Happier and More Fulfilling Sex Life

For those who have already tried and tested a lot of male enhancement products out there in the market yet you have been less than satisfied or happy with the results, then, you should give Extenze a try. There are simply no adverse Extenze side effects due to the all natural ingredients that it contains, with its benefits based totally on a sound premise.

Semenax Review: Does It Really Work?

At present, a lot of men aren’t satisfied with their sexual performance due to several reasons. One of these reasons is low sperm count, which reduces men’s orgasm power. Luckily, Semenax is formulated to help men who are suffering from these problems.

What You Need to Know about Semenax

Semenax tablet is basically a natural supplement, which helps men to boost the production of semen. It’s also a product that helps enhance seminal fluid to improve orgasm power and ejaculation. Semenax is also a product to help men enhance their virility include the confidence level in all aspects of their lives.

What Are the Semenax Ingredients?

There are several ingredients included in the formulation of Semenax and these include the following:

  • Zinc Oxide – It improves a man’s libido and increases sperm motility up to 200 percent.
  • Vitamin E – It helps in sustaining erectile functions and help in regulating reproductive and sexual health.
  • Swedish Flower – It helps in boosting prostate health, orgasmic ropes, and urinary flow.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – It has been said that these seeds serve as a treatment for the prostate condition and boost the production of the male hormones.
  • L-Lysine – It’s an amino acid that helps in producing healthy and quality semen.
  • L-Arginine – It helps double the concentration of the sperm and ensures that the sperms are fertile and healthy. It also provides relief from recurrent leg pain and erectile dysfunction.
  • Catuaba Bark – It was used centuries ago to help improve a man’s male reproductive system and enhance overall sexual activity.
  • Maca – It increases libido, potency, and sexual activity.

How Does Semenax Works?

For you to make most of the Semenax, you have to know how it works. When compared to other products, Semenax works through the use of a blend of high strength amino acids as well as herbs that have a good track record to stimulate men’s testes to produce seminal fluid.

Another thing that makes Semenax different from others is that it’s 100% safe and natural and offers vital nutrients that the body requires to produce the levels of semen production and energy needed to enjoy maximum sexual pleasure. Semenax can also boost your sperm count.

Are There Any Semenax Side Effects?

As of now, there are no major Semenax side effects. This product is very safe and can offer men a boost in sexual performance. Since there’s no single product that works for all, some might experience several minor side effects including constant headaches, stomach upsets, blood present in urine, and so on. However, Semenax is still effective and risk-free.

Semenax Price

Semenax is available at a price of $154.95 for a three-month supply.

Final Word

Overall, Semenax is a good sperm and semen supplement available in the market. It’s extremely effective in boosting your load and hardening the erections. These pills are also safe for consumption and approved by FDA. It is also worth your investment it comes with a money back guarantee that’s good for 67 days.

Stendra Vs Viagra: Which One Is The Best?

Both Viagra and Stendra are FDA-approved medications that you can use in improving your sexual performance. Most people are accustomed to Viagra as it has been around for almost two decades. Stendra is a new entrant in the male enhancement arena and holds a lot of promise. If you are wondering which of the two you should go for, here is a quick comparison:

Way of working

The two male enhancement products have different active ingredients. The active ingredient in Stendra is Avanafil while that in Viagra is Sildenafil. Both of the active ingredients are PDE 5 inhibitors and they inhibit the action of PDE 5.

Due to this, PDE 5 can’t break down cGMP that is required in increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. When you are using the pills, it means you have less PDE 5 and less cGMP in your body. This translates to more blood flow to the penis. While the two active ingredients are PDE 5 inhibitors, researchers report that the action of Avanafil is more specific which results to faster and better results. Stendra also has a few or reduced side effects.


When you take the pills, there is a difference in the time it takes for them to start working. Viagra takes 30 minutes to an hour before you can start seeing results. Stendra delivers results in 30 minutes but some people have reported seeing results in as little as 15 minutes. In addition to delivering results faster, Stendra also stays longer in your body.

According to the manufacturers, the pills will stay in your system for up to 6 hours. Viagra stays in your body for only 4 hours. This means that you have to take another Viagra pill after 4 hours if you want to perform.

Side effects

There are always side effects associated with medications. Both Viagra and Stendra have almost similar side effects that include: a headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, diarrhea, dizziness, influenza muscle aches, rashes, urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infections, and hypertension. Most people suffering from cardiac problems are recommended to stay away from Viagra as it’s known to cause heart problems.

Which male enhancement pills should you choose?

From comparing the two, we can say that Stendra is the better of the two as it works faster and stays longer in your body. Taking a look at the prices, Viagra is more expensive which means that you will spend more on it in the long run.

While this is the case, you shouldn’t run to the nearest drug store to get Avanafil. You should note that all PDE 5 inhibitors require a prescription note for you to access them.  If you are having problems in the bedroom you should visit your doctor who will prescribe the best medication depending on your condition and physiology.

Some of the medications can give you side effects while others might be unproblematic. Most of the doctors will give you a number of medications and settle on the one that gives you the best results with little to no side effects.